18 Awesome Night Lights For Kids

There are so many night lights around, that it may be difficult to figure out which ones are the best night lights for kids. The skinny of the matter is that while not all night lights are created equally, most will get the job done. Of course there are some that go above and beyond, and those will put a huge smile on your child’s face, help them feel safe and secure, and promote healthier sleep!

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Today we’ll be looking at the best of the best night lights for children!

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1. Rotating Star Projector

My son received one of these projector disco night lights as a gift and absolutely loved it. You can choose a color to set the lights on or have it rotate through the series of color options. The stars project all around, making the walls and ceiling a sight to behold!

If you love the projector night light but think your child would prefer something other than stars, you’re in luck! You can check out these fabulous alternative projector night lights for kids:

2. Sleep Training Alarms

This OK To Wake sleep training alarm clock helps teach children about time and when it is OK to wake up and get out of bed vs. trying to self-soothe and go back to sleep. The stars on the clock go out one by one throughout the night, and there’s an alarm that can be set if you want your child up at a specific time each day. There’s weekday and weekend mode to accommodate schedule variations.

The LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise is a sleep training night light with alarm clock and sound machine. It comes in several adorable colors and is feature-rich. It started out as a crowdfunding project and was an absolute success! Parents and children absolutely love this ingenious cute little night light! It shows different facial features, and has a yellow “almost time” glow and a green “ready to rise” glow.

The best part about this alarm clock is that the company is truly interested in making it the best night light sleep trainer for kids. They listen to customer concerns and most importantly, implement features that help families get peaceful sleep and establish helpful routines.

3. Sound Machine Night Lights

The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine has is a night light with a time-to-rise setting. This night light is awesome because it comes with an app you can use to fully control and customize the sound machine from your phone. You can choose from peaceful melodies and change the color of the night light to suit your nursery or child’s needs. You can also put on a toddler lock so toddlers and older children can’t override your settings on the machine.

4. Super Cute Night Lights For Kids

This Boon Glo Night Light is not only cute, it is mesmerizing and awesome! Your kids will absolutely LOVE the portable balls. This one sells out quickly because it is so well-loved. Kids feel special and safe when they have this night light!

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I super love this sleepy elephant night light by Lisa Angel! This brand makes the most adorable night lights, in designs kids absolutely love. Their collection of unique night lights for kids include unicorns, dinosaurs, sheep, sweet peas and super one of a kind designs such as an adorable avocado! If you want the most stylish, unique night light for your child’s room, definitely check this brand out!

This super cute kawaii cat night light is perfect for kids! It is made of silicone material, which I much prefer to plastic! It doesn’t overheat, so you don’t have to worry if your child brings it into bed (which they actually might do with a night light so cute!). It comes with a remote, which will help some kids sleep well just knowing they have that control nearby. There are some cheaper variations of this night light, but this one is the cream of the crop. The breathing mode works well, and is easy on the eyes instead of fast and disruptive.

This Cloud B Mama Koala is a plush, soothing night light with four sounds to help your child sleep. Some parents have swapped out the removable sound box with their phone on airplane mode to play different songs. The baby koala is a removable rattle for younger babies to play with during wake times.

This is another super cute plush night light for kids from Cloud B. This Turtle Star Projector Night Light comes in the green/brown color shown above, or pink. It plays soothing sounds proven to help children sleep, while projecting stars and constellation on your child’s walls and ceiling.

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This super cute dumpling night light is another one of my favorites. It is small and has a soft glow. Do keep in mind that this one is battery operated and cannot be charged.

Cute Seal Night Light For Children

This silicone seal night light is so adorable and well loved by children! You tap the nose to control the lights, and it can range from a bright reading light, to a warm glowing night light, to rotating colors.

5. Handmade Night Lights

Homeamade Moon & Stars Night Light

This handmade Moon + Cloud Nightlight Set w/Cloud & Star Decals is really a sight to behold. I love Etsy because when you buy products there you are often supporting a small business that really pours their heart and talent into every item they make.

This night light set is perfect for a child’s room and is created using wood and water-based eco-friendly paints. It is battery operated and has on/off controls. It provides a warm glow to your child’s room that helps banish the fear of darkness without overwhelming brightness that can hinder peaceful sleep.

Frosted Unicorn Night Light

This handmade, personalized glass unicorn night light is so beautiful and makes a great keepsake for girls. I personally love the frosted glass, but you can also choose clear glass for your personalized night light.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best night lights for kids can be a complicated task. The good thing is that many nightlights these days offer features parents love, such as a soft light that helps alleviate a child’s fears without negatively impacting sleep, and timers or signals that help your child know when it is truly time to wake up for the day.

Other night lights offer fun features that mesmerize children and put them in a happy mood.

The best night light for your child will fit his or her personal tastes, bedroom decor, and temperament. I hope this list of night lights helped you make that important choice for your child!

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