What To Put In A Pregnancy Self Care Package

Are you making a pregnancy self-care package for a new mom-to-be in your life? That is an awesome idea! Pregnancy can be such a difficult time, whether for first time moms or more experienced mamas.

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There are the body changes, the weird stuff, the anxiety, and the anticipation for new baby.

We grow actual human beings, and while our little loves are incubating, we deserve to treat ourselves (and be treated!) with the best care.

The ideas on this list are perfect to put in your mom to be care package. The pregnant mama in your life will absolutely love getting the pregnancy pampering she deserves!

1. Gift Cards

Pregnant mamas end up having to buy more things than they ever thought they’d need to all the time.

From needing to eat more, to going through aches and pains, to getting bigger than they thought possible, to needing new shoes, to having weird cravings, to needing more iron, or help with constipation, or this, or that… the expenses can really add up!

My favorite gift cards to put in a pregnancy self care package include:

  • Amazon gift cards (so mom can have what she needs delivered to her home!)
  • Uber Eats, Door Dash, Instacart, etc. gift cards (so mom can have groceries or food delivered guilt-free)
  • Supermarket gift cards (so that she can buy food and random supplies as necessary without worrying about blowing her budget)
  • Massage gift cards (so she can pamper herself and feel a little less stressed!)
  • Nail salon gift cards (so she can get manicures and pedicures, something that is totally for HER)

2. Nausea Remedies

Pregnancy nausea is no joke. And if it gets to the point of actually throwing up… eww. Not to mention those who struggle with hyperemesis gravidum! I have a friend who threw up for about 7 months.

Here are some of the best nausea products for pregnant moms:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother

Apple Cider Vinegar is perfect for warding away nausea and stopping heartburn and acid reflux quickly. This set of 2 comes with a measuring spoon so the new mama to be can take her regular daily dose quickly and easily.

2. Sea Bands

Sea-Band Mama! makes Anti-Nausea Acupressure Wristbands for Morning Sickness, commonly known as “Sea Bands.” Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique that uses manual pressure on specific points of the body that are connected with specific wellness concerns.

The acupressure point for nausea is on our wrists, and as such Sea Bands help keep pressure on that nausea pressure point to stop morning sickness in its tracks. Sea Bands has a very good reputation and you can read close to 5,000 positive reviews of its safety and effectiveness for pregnant mamas dealing with nausea and vomiting any time of day and throughout different stages of pregnancy!

3. Tea

Teas are awesome for helping with pregnancy nausea and also toning the uterus for a smoother birthing experience.

Some of the best teas for pregnant mamas include:

Peppermint and ginger teas are particularly helpful for nausea and indigestion.

How about adding in her first mama mug? It will help encourage her to drink teas, which is in and of itself a form of self-care. It can help her to relax!

4. Candy

Certain candies are perfect for helping with pregnancy nausea and morning sickness. Preggie Pops are awesome because they are hard candy drops that contain 10mg of B6 per piece and come in yummy flavors.


These Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets are also created specifically for pregnant women to help alleviate nausea.

Other candies that can be helpful for pregnancy nausea include peppermint puffs and ginger candies. I was a HUGE fan of the peppermint puffs during my own pregnancy!

5. Ginger Ale

If you can find local, homemade probiotic ginger ale, that would be best for helping a pregnant mama. It will also remind her of soda without any guilt.

If you can’t, Kevita’s Lemon Ginger drink is a very close substitute. It’s low in sugar, yet adequately sweet. It isn’t overly gingery, and has a pleasant hint of lemon.

Keep in mind that locally bought ginger ale may need to be kept refrigerated. As such, you might want to gift it separately!

6. B Vitamins

Vitamin B6 in particular has been shown to help moms with pregnancy nausea and morning sickness, with no side effects/adverse events. According to the University of Michigan Medicine, doses of 10-25mg 3x per day is the typical dose for pregnant women (source).

I’d err on the low end of the spectrum and get the new mama to be a 10mg dose unless she has spoken directly with her physician already. Renzo’s Bright & Brainy B6 is formulated for children, and as such has 10mg dosage in tasty tabs.

The Preggie Pops in Section 4 also have 10mg per drop. The Pink Stork morning sickness sweets contain 15mg per piece.

7. Digestive Enzymes

Thorne Bio-Gest digestive enzymes are perfect for aiding pregnant moms with digestion. These are powerful digestive enzymes that can help with nausea, stomach aches, acid reflux and heartburn.

Bio-Gest contains digestive enzymes that help break down carbs, fats, and sugars so that pregnant moms don’t have to have that uncomfortable feeling after having a meal.

3. Gum/Mints

The best gums and mints for pregnant moms can help with nausea AND protecting teeth from cavities. They also serve the obvious bonus of working as breath fresheners!

Pregnant moms who throw up won’t want that horrible taste in their mouth. But if they’re away from home, rinsing their mouth with water and using breath mints or gum may be the best they can do.

The Spry brand is my top recommendation for breath mints and gums:

  • Spry Peppermint Mints – these are peppermint mints that help with nausea, preventing cavities, keeping mom’s saliva flowing, and helping get rid of bad breath and off tastes.
  • Spry Spearmint Gum – this spearmint chewing gum is perfect for alleviating nausea, cavity prevention, increasing saliva production, and stopping bad breath in its tracks.

These mints and gums are made with Xylitol, which is a sugar alcohol. It is sugar- and aspartame-free, which is perfect for moms who watch what they put into their pregnant bodies like a hawk. Using xylitol 3-6x throughout the day helps with dental health and cavity prevention (source). These are things pregnant moms tend to struggle with, and might not know what to do to help or may feel are beyond their control!

4. Reusable Water Bottle

The HydroFlask Water Bottles come in multiple sizes and colors and they are the cream of the crop when it comes to reusable water bottles!

Drinking enough water can be very difficult for pregnant mamas, but the hydration is super important for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

When we are pregnant, our bodies require so much more than we are used to. Having a reusable water bottle can help encourage mom to be to carry water wherever she goes and these Cal-Mag Strawberry Lemonade packets can give a hint of flavor to make her water more delicious while providing valuable electrolytes.

The magnesium is also calming and will help mom feel relaxed throughout the day, as well as promote restful sleep. Magnesium also helps keep constipation at bay, which is a super awesome thing for pregnant moms!

5. Body Pillow

A body pillow is perfect for a mom to be care package because it will help her get much needed rest.

Sleep is a necessity in life, but it’s also one of the best forms of self-care. Without adequate rest, our whole life can fall apart. It can affect our ability to be present, healthy and happy, in more ways than one.

The Unilove Pregnancy Pillow pictured above is perfect for helping pregnant moms get peaceful, restful sleep. It countours to mom’s body and growing belly to help her avoid discomfort and pain.

I spent many nights tossing and turning and lying awake wondering how to get to sleep and stay asleep while I was pregnant. As soon as I decided to start sleeping with pillows that would support my new body, everything changed for the better!

What I love about this pregnancy pillow is that it is perfect for multiple uses. After mom is holding her new baby and no longer has to worry about getting good sleep while pregnant, it will help her with breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, and supporting her baby.

6. Hynobabies Home Study Course

The Hybnobabies Home Study course is the perfect form of self-care for pregnant moms. It is not only helpful for having a natural birth (and gives NO guilt towards those who choose not to do so!). On the contrary, it is helpful for all pregnant mamas!

This makes an awesome addition to a pregnancy self-care kit because it will allow mom to practice hypnotherapy in the comfort of her own home. Hypnotherapy helps pregnant moms with anxiety regarding their pregnancy, the birthing process, and their new baby. It also helps to alleviate pain.

An added bonus of the Hypnobabies program is that it really helps with sleep. It provides calming meditations that are pregnancy specific, and help calm your nerves and relax your entire body.

I don’t think I’d have had such a peaceful pregnancy without it–especially with multiple pregnancy scares. Dealing with bleeding during pregnancy, placenta previa, a sideways baby, and the “threat” of a C-section and potential of heart issues caused lots of anxiety that Hypnobabies really helped me deal with.

The soothing voice affirming that everything is going as it should, and that my baby is going to be perfect, really helped me have peaceful nights.

The course comes in an online version, or a version with CD’s. The CDs are perfect to add to a self care package for pregnant women.

7. Body Lotions/Oils

Pregnant Mom Rubbing Belly With Belly Balm As A Form Of Self Care

Body lotions and oils can help pregnant moms feel relaxed, soothe skin irritation, and avoid or lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

Here are my top 3 picks for body lotions and oils pregnant moms will appreciate as part of their self care package:

1. Mama Belly Butter

This mama belly butter is perfect to soothe itchy skin and prevent stretch marks. It’s organic and carefully formulated to be safe during pregnancy! It is a top seller because of how luxurious and helpful it is for soon to be moms.

2. Pampered Mama Pregnancy Oil

Pampered Mama Pregnancy Oil is made with healing oils to soothe a pregnant mom’s stretching skin

3. Rooted Earth Farm Belly Balm

Rooted Earth Farm Belly Balm is perfect for those really concerned with stretch marks.

I ended up getting stretch marks. The sad part is that they mostly showed up about a week before I had my son. The good news is that they really do fade over time, and 11 years later I rarely ever think about them!

I have learned to love my postpartum body, but had I taken more care during pregnancy I might not have had such a huge stretch mark problem to begin with. This belly balm is a super useful item for a pregnancy self care package because it will help a mom to be take care of that problem proactively.

Sara, the owner of the Rooted Earth shop, sells tons of body products that people LOVE. She also ships quickly, and garners plenty of positive reviews!

8. Neck Massager

A neck massager is the perfect self care gift for a pregnant mom. Throughout pregnancy, there are so many aches and pains that we have to deal with. This massager helps release tension from the neck, shoulders and back, prime areas of concern for mom-to-bes!

9. Scented Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are perfect for pregnant moms to take a soak in. Pregnant moms can take baths as a form of self-care, as long as care is taken to avoid temperatures that raise body temperature too high. Lukewarm water is perfect, and these fine Epsom salt crystals will dissolve quickly in lukewarm water.

Epsom salts are great for skin, soothing achy muscles, relaxation, and promoting a calm mind and peaceful sleep. The magnesium can also help promote regular bowel movements!

10. Weighted Eye Pillow

Weighted Eye Pillows For Self-Care

Weighted eye pillows such as these are perfect for pregnant moms. It’s a must add to a pregnancy self care kit! This will help the mom-to-be you are creating a care package for to deepen her relaxation in ways she would not imagine. These are perfect to use while doing yoga, listening to guided meditations, and drifting off to sleep (or a combination).

Final Thoughts

These are the items you should consider when making a pregnancy self care package for a mama to be.

These will help soon to be moms feel loved and cared for, while helping her to take care of herself throughout her pregnancy.

Some of these items are things a first time mom might not even think of, so they will really make a thoughtful gift. And if there’s something you have thought of to add to a self care kit for expecting moms, I’d love to hear about it!

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