28 Inspiring Quotes for Working Moms & Mompreneurs

Are you a momprenuer looking for inspiration while juggling the a business and a child? Then try these quotes that will inspire you to reach for the stars in your home and career! Because EVERY hard working mom needs some motivation after cleaning up vomit and tracking the dollars spent in their business budget.

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mom·pre·neur /mämprəˈnər/ A mompreneur is  a fierce woman who doesn't have time for foolishness because she's too busy chasing her dreams. She sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children.  A few mompreneur synonyms are business mama, business woman, lady boss, business owner, and entrepreneur.  

You’re doing a lot momma, give yourself props.

  • “I think every working mom probably feels the same thing: You go through big chunks of time where you’re just thinking, ‘This is impossible—oh, this is impossible.’ And then you just keep going and keep going, and you sort of do the impossible.” —Tina Fey
  • ‘It’s not difficult to take care of a child; it’s difficult to do anything else while taking care of a child.’ — Julianne Moore
  • “Motherhood is a choice you make everyday, to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you’re not sure what the right thing is…and to forgive yourself, over and over again, for doing everything wrong.” — Donna Ball 
  • “My child is my canvas and my opportunity to create a masterpiece. With every stroke of my paintbrush, I will teach him everything that I know. I will teach him about my successes so that he can exceed them.” —Andralia Fortune

Your child/children are inspired by you.

  • “I realized why I was born and more than anything all of the things I want to pass onto my child, and the best way of doing that is not by preaching or telling her but by showing her by example, which is one of the reasons I’m here,” — Beyonce 
  • ‘It’s not wrong to be passionate about your career. When you love what you do, you bring that stimulation back to your family.’ — Allison Pearson
  •  ‘A happy mother is a good mother, and if work makes you hum, your whole family sings along.’ — Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober
  • “For me, being a mother made me a better professional, because coming home every night to my girls reminded me what I was working for. And being a professional made me a better mother, because by pursuing my dreams, I was modeling for my girls how to pursue their dreams. ” — Michelle Obama
  • “If I’m pursuing my goals, my kids are seeing me at my best. I am filled up, I am happy, I am not feeling empty, depleted, and therefore resentful about the fact that I’m missing out. I don’t want them to feel like I’ve sacrificed, I don’t want them to feel that burden. I always remember that a happy working woman is a happy mother.” —Shonda Rhimes

Being a mom and business owner is HARD.

  • “When you own a business and have a family, there isn’t the abundance of free time I once had and that can be difficult; a schedule provides balance. It’s so rewarding though to know that they see what we do and are proud of it.” — Monique Lhuillier
  • A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water. — Eleanor Roosevelt
  • “We should go after our dreams and not be apologetic about it, but it’s scary. Whether you want to work or not, you have to do what makes you a fuller person. You have to love yourself.” —Catherine Reitman
  • When I’m tired, I rest. I say, ‘I can’t be a superwoman today.’— Jada Pinkett Smith

You need balance mama.

  • “It’s important that you don’t lose yourself and you still have your own passions. ” —Beyonce
  •  “You don’t ever balance it completely. [Motherhood] is a constant struggle of a little more time there, a little more time here, and feeling a little bit guilty all the time.” —Halle Berry
  • “Get rid of the guilt. When you’re at one place, don’t feel bad that you’re not at work; when you’re at work, don’t feel bad that you’re not at home.” – Katie Couric
  • ‘Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.’ —Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • “Sometimes, when I want to take on the world, I try to remember that it’s just as important to sit down and ask my son how he’s feeling or talk to him about life.” —Angelina Jolie

Set your own normal and rules.

  • “I can be covered in spit-up on a conference call while I’m pumping and that’s OK, because this is my perfect. It may not be somebody else’s, but this is mine.” — Kerry Washington
  • “It’s not about what we can do, it’s what we MUST do as working moms and working dads. Anything is possible…if it means warming up and stretching while holding my baby that’s what #thismama will do.” — Serena Williams
  • ‘The fastest way to break the cycle of perfectionism and become a fearless mother is to give up the idea of doing it perfectly – indeed to embrace uncertainty and imperfection.’ —Arianna Huffington
  • The best thing about having my own company is that I get to go to my kids’ school events. I make my own schedule. I make my own destiny. — Allison Krongard
  • “We have rules around the house. I always say, if you’re not yelling at your kids, you’re not spending enough time with them.” — Reese Witherspoon

Laugh a little because a mompreneur’s life is unpredictable

  • ‘Sleep is out for 2009. Tired is the new black’ — Amy Poehler
  • Why don’t kids understand that their nap is not for them, it’s for us?” — Alyson Hannigan
  • “(24/7) once you sign on to be a mother, that’s the only shift they offer.” — Jodi Picoult
  • “Moms never get out of the kid business. Last time I checked, motherhood had no expiration date.” — Lisa Scottoline
  • I really don’t care what you think. Signed a busy working mom.

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