Homeschool Civics For Kids

What is civics? And why is it important to great resources to homeschool civics for kids?

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the study of the rights and duties of citizenship.

– Oxford Dictionary

It is important to teach homeschool civics for kids so that they understand their rights as a citizen and the role of government. Raising kids who are informed and able to make wise decisions is our duty.

Since this is an election year, I found it especially important to seek out kid-friendly resources to homeschool civics. I found some wonderful material!

1. The Tuttle Twins Book Set by Connor Boyack

Civics Homeschool For Kids - Tuttle Twins

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this Civics book set for kids. My son is almost 11 years old and the books are marketed for kids age 5-10 years old. He is an avid reader and reads big fantasy novels.

I wasn’t sure if he’d consider them too “kiddy,” but I decided to give them a try. Boy am I glad that I did!

He really enjoyed these books, and learning about government, the economy, personal responsibility, etc. He learned many valuable lessons about entrepreneurship, government regulation, crony capitalism, and the free market.

These are illustrated books and most were a short read for him, but he proudly totes his books around and had so much fun reading them!

I highly recommend these for young children and you can buy them here.

Tuttle Twins also has ready-made weekly curriculum with guidance for parents, so if you are looking for a curriculum to teach from, or have an older child, definitely check out their other products!

2. President Unit Studies

Here are some unit studies to learn about the Presidents of the United States. Knowing history and the important people that helped to shape it is valuable. Who were the founding fathers? How many years did each President serve? What Party was Abraham Lincoln in?

You can get these printable President unit studies for FREE!

3. Ben’s Guide To The U.S. Government

This is a super fun resource for kids as young as 4! It has different levels of learning adventures, including for teenagers!

Watch as your child has fun learning about the branches of government and other civics imformation from these learning adventures, infographics, and additional resources that are carefully curated for kids!

Check out Ben’s Guide To The US Governemnt, it’s FREE!

4. Branches of Government Worksheet Bundle

This resource is perfect for children in 7th-10th grade (ages approximately 12-15).

They will have fun learning about the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government and why they are so important to our representative democracy.

Check out this digital bundle and all it has to offer your children!

Final Thoughts

This is some of the best information I’ve found for homeschooling civics. As an immigrant to America, I found it important to have a foundational knowledge of what the U.S. government was intended to be and how the free markets worked.

I had to seek out that information on my own, as I did not learn these things in my US History, American Government, or Economics classes.

I’m so happy to find such great resources to ensure my son grows up with this knowledge! I’d also be super stoked if you find great resources to homeschool civics for kids that you’d like to share!


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