Christmas Gifts For Classroom Kids

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for classroom kids, you’re surely going to find some cute and relatively inexpensive ideas here!

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that this site uses affiliate links, and this post may include some of those.

We’ll go over storage containers, homemade ideas, things you can buy because I know you’re probably super busy and also need to be quick about this. These ideas will help your gift to be one they remember for years to come!

First, let’s go over all the cute storage ideas I’ve found!

1. Drawstring Bags

I can’t get over how cute these bags are! They are seriously my favorite containers to use for Christmas gifts for classroom kids. But, just in case they’re not you’re cup of tea, I’ll also go over the cutest boxes and cone bags I’ve found!

These plaid gift bags are seriously cute! I’m obsessed with this fabric for the holidays, and have multiple sweaters in this pattern that I wear year-round! These come with cute little gift tags you can write each child’s name on!

These Christmas drawstring bags feature holiday characters and would put a huge smile on any child’s face!

These aren’t as colorful, but they are made with burlap and the contrast between the bag and the holiday characters are definitely striking! I personally love the snowman and reindeer. Kids will be SO excited to receive this!

These bags are made of cellophane and will give a fancier touch to your Christmas gifts! I love that there are so many patterns! This bag is perfect if you’re giving cookies or other homemade treats. Yum!

2. Christmas Stocking

These rustic mini stockings are small yet big enough to hold quite a few treats. You can add lollis, small toys, stickers, and other cute kid-friendly things. They have a homemade feel that will make you the talk of the town. In a good way, of course!

3. Christmas Boxes

These cute Santa cookie gift boxes can be used for an assortment of treats! It comes with a viewing area, so isn’t suitable if you don’t want the children seeing what’s inside until opened. However it’s a super special recyclable box that will fit a variety of goodies for the children!

These goodie boxes are definitely worth your consideration! They are nice and spacious, and have the most darling designs!

4. Christmas Party Favor Bags

These are the cutest Christmas party favor bags I stumbled on. There are many others, but I did not love them enough to list them here. I feel that these ones have the cutest characters that kids will absolutely love! They are spacious and perfect if you really want to pile in the goodies!

And now for the treats, odds and ends to stuff your container of choice with!

Christmas Gifts For Classroom Kids

1. Mini Emoji Christmas Ornaments

These little emoji Christmas ornaments are actually plush pillows! They are soft and cuddly and the students will love them whether they play with them, use them as a keychain, or hang them on their Christmas tree!

2. Christmas Candy

There are so many choices for candy treats for the kiddos! These chocolate snowmen made it to the top of my list, but you’ll find a variety of treats in the bulleted list below to consider filling your Christmas goodie bags with!

3. Christmas Stamp Set

This self-inking Christmas stamp set makes a great Christmas gift for classroom kids! What child doesn’t love stamping on paper?! This set comes with 48 pieces total, and 12 different designs. So depending on the size of the classroom, each child should be able to get 2 or more different designs!

4. Temporary Christmas Tattoos

These temporary Christmas tattoos will be so much fun for the kids! There are so many different designs available that you might be able to give each child a whole sheet, but if you have the time to cut them down, you’ll be able to mix and match and give each child a bigger variety of designs!

5. LED Light-Up Rings

These LED light-up rings will bring joy to every child in the classroom! They are fun stocking stuffers that they’ll love to play with whether day or night.

6. Christmas Bracelets

These slap band bracelets come in 4 designs: snowman, snow bear, reindeer and Santa Claus. They are super cute and my top pick from this section!

Here are a few other Christmas bracelet choices:

7. DIY Christmas Ornaments

While I absolutely love this set, it is probably best suited for a gift from a teacher. That way the children can decorate in class and then take home their creations. Otherwise the ornaments could be added to Christmas goodie bags without the color pens.

The same goes for these DIY Beaded Ornament Wreaths, however it is easier for anyone to make them all and then distribute, as they will all end up looking the same. It makes a great group Christmas activity, but kids will love it even if they don’t assemble these wreaths on their own.

8. Christmas Mochi Squishy Toys

These squishy toys are super cute and kids go crazy for them! They are soft and stretchy, and kids love to twist and manipulate them! They are also easy to wash! Score!

9. Christmas Mini Coloring Books

I love these little coloring books! They are so adorable and have great designs. Perfect for children who love to let their artistic nature shine. This is a gift children in the classroom will truly appreciate! Pair with small crayon sets for best results!

10. Assorted Christmas Goodies

I love this set best because it comes with a huge variety of different Christmas favors! It has kids’ favorites such as slinkys, yo-yos and different kinds of tops (spinners, gigs? What do you call them?). There are 28 different kinds of favors, and 188 pieces total. Each child will get a bountiful variety of Christmas goodies!

This set is a close second! It has 72 carefully selected Christmas party favors that children in the classroom will love. It has that little maze game with the silver ball that I love even though I’m now in my 30’s. It also has stickers, shatter glasses, slap bracelets and more. You can’t go wrong with either one of these!

Final Thoughts

There are so many great choices of Christmas gifts for classroom kids. I hope that these selections have helped you choose the perfect gifts for the children, whether you are their teacher, room mom, or just want your child to bring a little token of love for all the students.

If you come up with other ideas that I have not listed above, I’d love to hear about it! If I love it as well, I’ll gladly add it to the list for others to consider!

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